1.0 Definitions 

1.1 SOGO Card is the membership and reward programme operated by SOGO (K.L.) Department Store Sdn. Bhd. for the benefit of SOGO Card Members.
1.2 SOGO Card Reward Points are points awarded to SOGO Card Members according to terms and conditions that may be stipulated by SOGO occasionally.
1.3 SOGO Card Rewards are the goods and/or services offered to SOGO Card Members in exchange for a specific amount of Points or Purchases that may be stipulated in the SOGO Card Rewards materials.

2.0 Membership 

2.1 Application of SOGO Card Membership is open to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians aged 18 years old and above.
2.2 SOGO Card membership is complimentary for FIVE (5) years. Renewal is automatic upon a minimum spending of RM1,250 within the 5-year membership tenure.
2.3 All redemptions of Rewards, Birthday Gifts, Rebate Coupons, Gifts and Samples etc. (if any) can only be carried out by the cardholder unless authorised by the cardholder with a letter of authorisation and photocopy of the cardholder's identification card.
2.4 All membership correspondence and marketing information pertaining to SOGO Card Rewards, Privileges, sales and promotional activities will be sent via mobile app push notification, SMS, Telegram, electronic mail and/or direct mailer.
2.5 SOGO's use of personal data is described in the Privacy Policy at www.sogo.com.my/privacy. If members do not consent to the Privacy terms and/or wish to make changes to their personal data, please follow the instructions in the Privacy Policy. Continued participation in the SOGO Card Membership programme will be deemed as consent as per the Privacy Policy.

3.0 Gold & Platinum

3.1 3.1 The SOGO Card Gold membership will be awarded to existing or new SOGO Card members who have spent a minimum of RM6,000 and above.
3.2 The SOGO Card Platinum membership will be awarded to existing SOGO Card members, Gold card members or new members who have, in the course of recording a minimum spending of RM12,000 and above.
3.3 The spending amount and membership qualification will be tracked and monitored by SOGO Membership System. Card members are advised to produce their SOGO Card to record purchases for each payment transaction. Purchases from all Tenanted Counters, Food & Beverage outlets and non-participating counters/brands are not included.
3.4 Gold/Platinum members who do not meet the minimum spending requirement of RM6,000/RM12,000 shall be reinstated to Gold or Silver members respectively, depending on their total spending upon expiration of their membership.

4.0 Points

4.1 One Point will be awarded for a minimum purchase of RM1 from SOGO department store and one Point for a minimum purchase of RM2 from SOGO Supermarket. Purchases from non-participating counters/brands/outlets/eateries/food court are not included.
4.2 In the event there are other concurrent additional Points promotions, the recording of Points will be based on the highest point scheme determined by SOGO.
4.3 Points shall only be accumulated upon presenting the SOGO Card to the cashier at the time of purchase with valid payment and is recorded by the POS system. Backdated receipts are not valid for accumulation of Points. A receipt is also not proof that Points have been recorded.
4.4 Each Point will expire after 24 months from the month it was earned. Points which are not redeemed upon expiry will be deducted from the point balance account.
4.5 The number of Points for a Reward redemption or purchase will be deducted from Points Balance of the SOGO Card Member's account. The oldest Points will be deducted first.
4.6 Points and any rights cannot be sold, transferred, or assigned and must be in accordance with the terms and conditions. Points cannot be exchanged for cash and do not have any monetary value.
4.7 SOGO reserves the right to deduct any Points from a Member's Point balance/account without notifying the SOGO Card Member in the event that:
• Any Points are suspected to be fraudulently recorded.
• Any Points are recorded as error.
• Any Points are related to a transaction which was cancelled and/or returned.

5.0 Rewards Redemption

5.1 The Reward items featured in any marketing material are valid during the redemption period as stated.
5.2 Only the Cardmember is eligible to redeem Rewards with a valid SOGO Card membership and his/her identification card for verification.
5.3 All Rewards must be redeemed personally at Customer Service Centre of SOGO or online via MYSOGO Mobile App. It is subjected to availability and the "Terms of Use."
5.4 Redemption orders once given by SOGO Card Member and accepted by SOGO may not be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged.
5.5 Certain Rewards, which are in the form of Rebate Coupons, Gift Coupon, Gift Cards, e-Coupon, e-Gift Card etc, are valid only at SOGO outlets in Malaysia or at participating merchants as mentioned. Rewards are valid until the date specified and subjected to terms and conditions. If they remain unused after the expiration, the Rewards will not be replaced.
5.6 Rewards stated in the Rewards materials are available for a specific period and on a "while stocks last" basis. SOGO reserves the right to adjust the Points required for redemption and to substitute any Rewards with others of equal value without prior notice.
5.7 SOGO reserves the right to refuse redemption of any Rewards or recall a redeemed item if SOGO has any reason to suspect that the Points were fraudulently accumulated or recorded in error.
5.8 SOGO Card Members are advised to examine all Rewards upon receiving them and faulty Rewards should be returned immediately.
5.9 Certain Rewards have the warranty of their manufacturers. SOGO makes no product representation or warranties, express or implied, and disclaims any and all liabilities to the condition, quality, or fitness for use of products and services provided through this Programme. If you require service about a Reward, all inquiries should be directed to the manufacturer according to the warranty information.
5.10 SOGO shall not be held liable for any death, injury or consequential loss or damage of any nature from the redemption of Rewards or from the loss, theft or destruction of Rewards.

6.0 Other Privileges

6.1 Privileges, member’s discount and exclusive promotions by external Programme Partners to SOGO Card Members are subject to the terms and conditions as specified by the respective participating establishments.
6.2 SOGO makes no product/service representation or warranties, express or implied, and disclaims all liabilities to the condition or quality of products/services provided by the Programme Partners. All inquiries pertaining to the products/services should be directed to the said Programme Partner.

7.0 General

7.1 The SOGO Card is not transferable and remains the property of SOGO, to which it must be returned to if found or requested.
7.2 SOGO reserves the right to revoke or suspend the membership of any Member in the Programme and/or determine the type or quantity of purchases and the benefits, rewards and privileges without prior notice or assigning any reason whatsoever.
7.3 SOGO reserves the right to revoke or suspend the SOGO Card Programme when deemed necessary. Advance notice will be given to members in any manner deemed appropriate by SOGO and without any compensation to SOGO Card Members.
7.4 Members may terminate their membership in the Programme at any time by giving a written notice to SOGO. SOGO shall not be responsible or liable for any unredeemed points/vouchers which shall be forfeited upon termination.