What is the SOGO Card?

The SOGO Card is a Membership and Rewards programme operated by SOGO (K.L.) Department Store Sdn Bhd (SOGO). With the SOGO Card, you earn points when you shop at SOGO, redeem gifts with your Points, enjoy discounted prices and promotions and stay updated with the latest promotions.

How do I sign up?

You can apply by submitting your Application Form at Customer Service Centre or via mySOGO App by logging in to For further assistance, email to: or call Customer Service at 1300-88-SOGO (7646).

Is there a fee when applying for the SOGO Card?

SOGO Card membership is complimentary for Five (5) years. Renewal is automatic upon a minimum spend of RM1,250 within the 5-year membership tenure.

Can I apply for a Supplementary card?

Yes. Every Principal membership entitles you to five complimentary Supplementary cards.

How do I earn Points?

Every RM1 spent at SOGO earns you 1 Point except for supermarket purchases which earn you 1 Point for every RM2 spent.

There will be special promotions from time to time that offer more points per RM1 spent. Be sure to keep a lookout for them.

Point accumulation is not applicable to purchases at Customer Service Centre, non-participating counters/brands/outlets/eateries/food court, delivery charges, repairs and service charges.

Can I still collect Points if I have lost or did not bring my SOGO Card?

No. You are required to present your SOGO Card prior to any payment to collect your Points. Backdated receipts are not valid. Please have your lost card replaced prior to any purchase.

How can I check my Points balance?

You can check your points balance via mySOGO App or request for an e-statement via your online member account or email to You can also check with our Customer Service representative at our Customer Service Centre, call our Customer Service toll-free line at 1300-88-SOGO (7646) or WhatsApp 012 950 7646.

How will my Points expire?

Each Point will expire after 24 months from the month it was earned.

What can I redeem?

We have a wide variety of Rewards including SOGO cash vouchers and gift items redeemable with specified number of Points. You can view the Reward selections here.

Can I exchange my Points for cash?

No. Points are not exchangeable for cash. We have a reward option of Rebate Coupons redeemable against purchases at any department in SOGO.

Can a Supplementary cardholder make redemption?

No. Only Principal cardholders are entitled to redeem.

How do I make redemption?

Come to our Customer Service Centre or call our Customer Service at 1300-88-SOGO (7646). You are required to produce your Identification Card for verification. Online redemption via your member web page account is also available and subject to the 'Terms of Use' as stated in this site.

The redemption gift I want is out of stock, what can I do?

If a particular redemption gift is currently out of stock, we can reserve the item for you and notify you when it is ready for collection.

Can I reserve a redemption item if I don't have sufficient points to redeem it?

Please also note that Reward items are available on a 'while stocks last' and 'first-come-first served' basis. You may register the said item in your Member Web Page under 'Alert List' whereby notification will be sent to your email once you have sufficient points for redemption.

Can I collect Points at participating external merchants?

No. Points are only earned for purchases at SOGO.

Do Principal and Supplementary cards share the same Points?

Yes. Points earned by the Principal and Supplementary card are accumulated in a single account.

Can you deliver my redemption gift to me?

You may perform an online redemption through your member web page account and have the items delivered to you. Please note that the online redemption is subject to the 'Order & Delivery and Terms of Use' as stated in the site.

What do I do if my redemption gift is damaged or faulty?

When you redeem your gift, we advise that you check it thoroughly and return any damaged or faulty goods immediately.

Alternatively, faulty or damaged goods should be returned within 7 days from the date of redemption. Any returns after this period will not be entertained.

Online redemption via Member Web Page is subject to another set of arrangements and conditions on its order and delivery. Please refer to the site’s 'Order & Delivery and Terms of Use'.

SOGO CARD (Gold & Platinum)

How do I apply for the SOGO Card Gold or Platinum Card?

The SOGO Card (Gold and Platinum) are extended to existing Silver SOGO Card Members who have; in the course of the preceding calendar year, recorded a minimum spending of RM12,000 and above, and RM6,000 and above respectively.

How much is the membership subscription fee for the Gold or Platinum Card?

The SOGO Card (Gold and Platinum) are extended on a complimentary basis and by invitation only upon fulfillment of the spending criteria above.

Which period will the spending amounts be based on?

The spending amount from 1 Jan. to 31 Dec. of the preceding calendar year will be used to determine the spending criteria.

What will happen if I do not maintain/fulfill the minimum spending condition?

We regret that your membership will be reverted to Silver or Gold membership status upon expiry as the case may be that the minimum RM6,000 (Gold) or RM12,000 (Platinum) spending condition is not met.

How can I check my purchases?

You can now check your purchases online at or via email at Alternatively, you may also call us at 1300-88-SOGO (7646) or WhatsApp 012 950 7646.

Since 1 Point is rewarded for every RM1 purchase, can I assume that my total spend amount is equal to the total Points in my account?

The Points balance in your account does not necessarily represent your total purchase as additional points are sometimes rewarded during promotional periods such as Members' Day Sale, Warehouse Sale or through Birthday Treats.

With the change of membership, what will happen to my existing SOGO Card account, Points and Rewards?

The change of membership will not affect your membership history or account as well as all the existing benefits, rewards and privileges. The difference is you will be able to enjoy even more privileges exclusive to Gold/Platinum members only.

Can I bring along my family and friends to the VIP Lounges?

We regret that the VIP Lounges are exclusive to SOGO Gold and Platinum Members and their Supplementary card holders only. Each member is entitled to apply for up to a maximum FIVE Supplementary cards for his/her immediate family such as spouse, parent, sibling or child aged 18 and above.

Gold and Platinum Card Exclusive Vouchers

I received some complimentary and discount vouchers, how can I use them?

Each voucher entitles the bearer to the specified RM Value/Discount/Service/Promotion as stated. You are advised to understand the terms and conditions stated at the back of each voucher prior to any redemption. Certain services may require advance booking or appointment on a first come, first served basis.

How frequent will these vouchers be issued to me?

These vouchers are issued to members who qualify on a yearly basis upon fulfillment of minimum spending amount.

Can I transfer the vouchers to others?

Certain vouchers are transferable while others are not. Please read the terms and conditions stated on each voucher.

Can I request for an extension for my expired vouchers?

We regret that the vouchers are valid till the date specified on them and no extension of duration is allowed.